La Crosse Technology C85135 Color Mood Light Alarm Clock with Nature Sounds, 3.40″ L x 5.44″ W x 5.50″ H, White/Black

Price: $49.95 - $26.46
(as of Sep 25,2021 05:35:23 UTC – Details)

Uniquely designed mood light alarm clock, equipped with a variety of nature sounds that are sure to soothe even the most stressful of days. This easy-to-use alarm allows you to choose from seven different light colors depending on your mood, and if you can’t decide on one, simply set it to cycle mode and watch each color fade into the next. We know how difficult it can be to sleep with a bright light next to you in bed, so not only was the mood light designed with five different brightness level settings, but so was the LCD display. Fall asleep to the soothing sound of a flowing river, and WAKE up to seagulls chirping while ocean waves crash into the beach. With five different nature sounds to choose from, you will WAKE up as peacefully as you fell asleep. Before heading to bed, use the sleep timer to program a nature sound of choice to play for 15 all the way up to 90 minutes before bed, and do not forget to set your snooze timer for those of us who always want just 10 more minutes of sleep. Whether you need a quick break before dinner or in between classes, the Nap timer allows you to take a 5-120 minute Nap without disrupting your previous set alarms. Here at La Crosse Technology, our creative team always designs with you in mind. Use the 1 amp USB charging port to charge your phone or other device without taking up unnecessary space on the Outlet. The rubber feet keep the alarm from sliding around while programming or hitting the snooze button, and each button is designed a little different allowing for easy set up. The mood light alarm clock with nature sounds makes the perfect addition to bedside of all ages.

Seven different color mood lights with five brightness levels
Enhanced alarm options with choice: buzzer, nature sounds and/or white light
Nature sounds (rain/ocean/backwoods/thunder/river)
Adjustable snooze and nap timer
Aux-in port from mobile device to play music

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